Selecting a mover, and preparing for your next move.


With so many moving companies to choose the best movers in San Jose? How do you know the mover can offer you the most tailor-made service to suit all your specific needs? There are many options to narrow down the choices.

Moving Related Organizations

The Transportation Department or DOT is responsible for the authorization of all federal movers by the government agency. To see that the future moving company has permission to provide transfer services within the United States, you need to consult with the DOT. The DOT keeps records of the liability and freight policies of each moving company, which guarantees that each organization is qualified to operate safely enough. A functional status with the DOT will ensure you have chosen a safe, licensed mover to ship your goods across the country.

The Milpitas Movers and Storage Association or CMSA is a non-profit trade association that comprises more than 500 California businesses that move as participants. CMSA aims to create a norm among movers in the relocation field. As a participant, each mover must get certified, operating towards the CMSA’s “Code of Ethics.” Since the CMSA sets such a high standard of excellence for its stakeholders, you can be confident that the moving company is trustworthy, legitimate, and effective in its service. You can view their website to find helpful information or see their solid group of member companies.


Family and Friends

Who can you trust more than your friends and relatives to provide you with the most accurate information? Ask others nearby for some cautionary advice or terms. You send them your precious possessions while selecting a mover and trust them to carry them safely around town or region. Trust those you’ve known for a long time or those with the most migration expertise.

Get An Estimate

Comparing moving companies and their costs become simpler for consumers due to the increased connectivity over the internet. Travel directories and company websites have all ways in which you can fill out the specifics of your transfer. Instead, moving companies will give you an estimated cost dependent on the particulars of your shipment. Price should not, of course, be the only factor in choosing a comprehensive moving service, but it is nevertheless a determining factor. Make sure you do the necessary background search to find the right moving company for you and ask the essential questions.

Moving Checklist

It's better to be overprepared before your upcoming move.

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